Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday February 28, 2009 - Day 39

I am 39 days pregnant today! My human mommy and I stopped by Dr. Cammie's office to bring her a card. She is so nice - she clipped my nails and let me get a sneak peak at the babes!

Well, low and behold, there are FOUR pups in there. I thought I was getting a little large for 39 days. They measured one of the pups and the estimated age is 40 days. So, I am on schedule for the March 24 due date. I went 4 days early last time so I hoping ...

It is probably a good time to introduce you to the father of my pups, Hank. His full name is Hank Edward Schmidt - we sometimes call him Hank E. His color is blue. We are hoping that perhaps one of our pups will be have a blue coat like him. We'll see soon enough.

Till next time.

Friday, February 20, 2009

My First Ultrasound

Taken on February 18, 2009, this ultrasound shows three gestational sacs. According to the measurements, I am about 27 days pregnant in this ultrasound. Woo Hoo!

Long Time No Blog!

Dear friends, it has been a couple of months since my last blog. Let me get you caught up.

First, the children, Sadie is very happy living with Tanya and the other humans. She is cute (like me) and gets very happy when she sees my human mommy! Taco, a.k.a. Big Spot, is very happy living with Tiffany and her human family. He has his father's face and is also very cute! Pete stayed at our house. He's funny. He likes to bark and is always happy to see humans.

Leo, sadly, lost his ability to father anymore children for me (or anyone else for that matter). He is still my favorite and is adorable. My human mommy really wanted me to have babies with Hank (the nerd). Now for my big news:

I AM PREGNANT WITH TRIPLETS! Well, best the OB could tell is that there are three gestational sacs in my uterus. I am really hoping for a couple of girls.

So, I suppose you have figured out that Hank is the daddy. Have you ever watched the T.V. show Big Love? Me neither, my human brother says I should watch it. But I digress...

My due date is March 24. Be on the lookout for the Heidi-Cam, which will be reinstated closer to my due date.

Thanks for your faithfulness to reading the blog. Till next time - Love, Heidi.