Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September 24, 2008 - 5 Weeks Old!

Yesterday marked the pups 5th week since their arrival. They are so playful these days. On Sunday September 21, we went to Ocala to visit the human great-grandparents. Also, there were my uncle Sam and aunt Callie. Sam is a lovely chihuahua and Callie is a dachshund. Oh yeah and my human Uncle Steve, Aunt Cathy and Cousin Stephen :-). We had fun.

Here are some new pictures. The puppies LOVE the other dogs, especially the pugs. The black pug, Cooper, is so funny. She loves those puppies and will risk me attacking her just to get to view them in the box. I sit back and watch with a growl on my lips. Chubs is pretty harmless. He's the fawn pug. He sniffs the puppies! Then there is a pic of the three amigos. They are getting quite the personalities.

Beau a.k.a. Big Spot was the first to escape the whelping box. It didn't last long - he whimpered until my mommy put him back with the group. Sadie loves to eat. Especially when mommy gives her a Nutri-Cal treat! It's a gooey, yummy treat for dogs. Oh and Pete. What can I say about Pete. He is spoiled rotten. The others will sleep and he cries for one of the humans to pick him up. They do and he stops crying. Thanks a lot, humans (Rebecca - you know who you are).

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