Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crazy Times for this Mama

Just after I posted last night, I started feeling yucky. I was sick! I am grateful I have a doting human mom who noticed my unusual behavior and high fever early. She took me to Dr. Camie's emergency vet place where I saw Dr. Price. Sidenote - Dr. Price was awesome! She is a mommy too and understood my need to be with my pups.

Well, we mostly waited but they checked my blood for calcium and turns out I have milk fever/eclampsia! Yikes! That's dangerous!!! They gave me an IV of calcium and voila I was feeling better. They let me go home with instructions not to nurse the puppies (that is what has drained me of my calcium) and to come back in the morning to recheck the calcium levels.

Slept with mom and dad (as usual) and a couple hours later it was time to be rechecked. Well, not so good news - my calcium levels are lower than they were last night :-(. So, mommy and daddy left me at the hospital with the nice staff and took the four pups home. I trust mommy with my little ones. I just don't want Chubs and Pete all over them!

I will give an update when they spring me from this joint.

Till next time,

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