Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm Home!

Thanks to Dr. Water, Dr. Price and of course, Dr. Camie Abbott - I have been released from the hospital! I am feeling much better than earlier and am so happy to be back with the wee ones.

A couple of updates, the pups all have names. My human daddy couldn't stand that they were being referred to by their colors. So, here they are: the boy is Duncan - like the company Duncan Hines - they make brownies :-), the black girl is Charlotte. She squeals like a pig when you pick her up. Charlotte's Web is a story about a pig. That pig is a boy so hence the name Charlotte. The small tricolor girl is still Mona. The larger tricolor girl is still Brooke.

Now for some sad news - Brooke doesn't have a home anymore. There was a tragedy in the family that was to have her. Pray for the Billotti and Wood families - they lost some very special family members. My human mommy is sad - she helped the mom birth two of her babies.

Till next time,


Rebecca said...

glad to have you back!


Robyn said...

I love Brooke!