Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tuesday March 26, 2013 - Day 28

Hey this is Cassie.  I'm taking over the blog.  I've been lazy, guarding ALL the bones in the house and generally mad at all the dogs.  I'm grumpy and hormonal.  My lady human (Sharon) took me to her office again.  I get tricked and think "oh, I get to go for a ride in the car" and then I get in the car and think "oh, I left all my bones in the living room - someone's going to get them".  Finally, I realize, "she's going to put that gel on my belly again".  Anyway, the picture above shows gestational sacs that have grown appropriately in the 3 days since my last ultrasound.  The sacs are measuring 12 mm.  To find out how far along I am (besides the fact that Lady Human Sharon caught Beau and I "in the act" two times and knows the date(s) of conception).  Back to the calculations:  gestation sac measurement in cm X 6 + 20 = number of days.  1.2 X 6 + 20 = 27.2!  Perfect!  I think Lady Human will take me back in on day 31.  Here's hoping everything continues to go well.

Back to the bones, 

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