Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday March 20, 2009 - Day 59

Today, my temperature was 99.4 - same as yesterday. This means it isn't likely the pups will make their appearance today. So, I was able to hang out with my human mommy today!!! We went to pick up my human sister, Rebecca. She is flying soomewhere to visit her friend. After we dropped her off at the airport, we stopped by to visit Dr. Camie. She took a special picture of my belly and confirmed that there are 'only' four pups inside of me! Yay! The thought of five made my skin crawl or was that the pups moving inside of me???

We came home and I went immediately to favorite spot - under mommy's shirt.

Till next time!

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Michelle Gawne said...

I see four heads and spinal columns :)