Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday March 17, 2009 - Day 56

This is the wonderful Dr. Galipalli - a.k.a. Dr. G. I saw him today and he let me know that there are four puppies in my belly! I still think there 50 or 16 or 8! I am huge! My human mommy said she will take a pic of me and post it later. Dr. G has even noticed how big I am!

We also got the pics of the pups radiographs. They have to be touched up but will be posted tonight.

I need to start getting my whelping box ready. It's set up but not quite ready for birthin'.

Also, if you haven't already done so, download Yahoo Messenger and add me to your friends list. My Yahoo screen name is babes4heidi. You can view my webcam and watch my birth or me with the new ones, etc. Right now my human mommy is using it to see what all the other dogs do when she isn't home. I tried to tell her their business but she wanted to see for herself!

Till tonight,

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