Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wednesday March 11, 2009 - Day 50

Those pups are really moving a lot! My human mommy said that she felt them last night moving so much. It's really nice to feel them moving in there but I can imagine about a week or two from now I may not have the same sentiment.

For those of you who are interested, the official HEIDI CAM is up and running. I don't go near the box yet but you can get set up and ready to view the birth when it happens. You will need Yahoo Messenger and a Yahoo screen name. My screen name is Babes4Heidi. My human mommy will add you when she can but if she doesn't recognize your screen name she may ask who you are. Don't get upset at her. She just doesn't want too many unnecessary folk watching my business, if you know what I mean. During my last birth, there were 5 folks online with a total of 9 watching online!!!

Till next time,
The Mighty Heidi

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