Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August 19, 2008 - Happy BIRTHday

It started this morning, I guess. Mommy took my temperature and it was down to 98.5. Normally it's 100.0. So, when the temp drops a degree - watch out, here come the babies. Well, I could have told mommy it would be today. I didn't eat all morning. Mommy had to leave for a couple of hours and when she came home I was so glad! She noticed that I was whimpering and digging through the covers on her bed.

So, she sat on the bed with me. I think she knew pretty much right away when I didn't try to get under her shirt. I just kept digging and digging to get those covers just right. She kept telling me what a good mommy I was. Meanwhile, every now and then I would get the covers just right and settle down. That lasted only a little while and I'd start digging around again. here is a pic of me after digging and somewhat settled down. This was taken at 12:54 pm.

Then, mommy put me in my whelping box. I was glad she finally did. I wasn't sure if I could move off that bed! She stayed right by my side the entire time. I have a devoted mother. This next picture was taken at 2:25 pm. By this time I had started having some spontaneous pushing, I was panting and every now and again I let out a cry.

By 2:29 pm. the first of the three started emerging from the birth canal. This was the easy part for me. Although it took me a while to get the hang of pushing. And then, at 2:34 our first pup was born! It's a girl and she is cream colored. Daddy says we should name her Fay. Me thinks not. Leo and I haven't even talked about names yet!

I heard mommy make a phone call to Dr. Cammi. Mommy was a bit worried because I didn't break the sac, eat the placenta and then was trying to bury my puppy. Well, I was just trying to get her out of the way! Puppy number two was on the way and I needed to get "Fay" covered up! Duh! Trust Whelping, trust it. Dr. Cammi wasn't worried at all. She encouraged mommy and soon we were back to birthin' pups.

So, number two finally decided to make his arrival at 3:21 pm. Just under an hour from his sister. That's right - it's a boy! He's a bit darker than the first one and has a cute white patch on the back of his neck. Leo is excited to have a son!

Speaking of Leo, I had no idea but when I went into labor mommy put a sign on my door that said "No Dogs Allowed". Well, after a while she decided to let Leo in with the promise that he remain quiet and not to snoop. This picture was taken while Leo was patiently waiting. It was taken at 3:49 pm.

It didn't take long for number three to makes its entrance. Thankfully! Mommy was IMing FIVE people who were watching the webcam, taking these fine pictures AND videotaping. Gee, she is such a first time grandmother. Watch out, all you human children of hers! That's right - when any of you decide to have babies - she'll be all about that!

Anyway, number three is another boy - he looks a lot like the other boy. I was very good with number two and three - chewed the sac, ate the placentas and didn't try to bury them anymore. I do believe I have a knack for this mother thing.

Weights aren't in yet but will update when we get that done. They are about four inches long from head to butt. Oh and sorry for anyone who goes past their due date - I was 4 days before my due date. They weren't born on Mommy's birthday (August 21) but they were born on my Uncle Richard's birthday. Happy Birthday Uncle Richard!


Jennifer said...

Congratulations, Heidi! They look like beautiful pups. Tell your Mom and Dad congratulations on their little grands as well! :)

Jennifer said...

Also, do they get to have a spot on fruitfulvine.com?

Heidi said...

Thanks, Jennifer. Yes, I just mentioned to mommy that she should post their birth on the fruitful vine site. Look for it there!

tell Ephraim - rff, rff

Jenifer said...

lol, you are too funny! :) Congrats on your 3 new grandpups. ;)

Jenifer said...

Oh, and why is that patients always seem to have their babies on Tuesdays...your somewhat of a day off. ;)

GraceFullMom said...

Congrats, Heidi! And tell your Mamma congrats as well! How exciting... little grandpuppies!!

One question... I don't have to, umm, consume my placenta to be a good Mommy, do I? *grin*

Hope said...

Thank you Heidi for allowing me to view your beautiful birth via webcam. You did such a good job and I am so proud of you (and your mommy for remaining calm... for the most part, hehe)
Love, Auntie Hope

P.S. If you and Leo need some girl name suggestions - "Hope" is a great one. ;-p

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the whole family! Leo looks decidedly underwhelmed. Hmph... MEN!

It sounds like you were a natural birthing wonder, Heidi, and nursing those babies right away. No pump and bottles for YOUR babies, eh? ;-)

No I'm just wondering if your mommy will be carrying three puppies in her shirt soon...

Pamela said...

Yeah Heidi - Im so proud of you! Your babies are beautiful and I can't wait to see them in person. It looks like motherhood has agreed with you - a true natural! Love and kisses, Aunt Pamie