Saturday, August 23, 2008

August 23, 2008 - My Original Due Date

So, today was my due date but thankfully, I am delivered! Just 4 short days ago I gave birth to the most beautiful puppies. They were each about 4.75 oz at birth. Today, as you can see from the scale, they range from 6 7/8 oz to 7 1/2 oz! They are ginormous!

Mommy stopped by to see Dr. G today. I sent him a thank you card and a picture of me and the wee ones. He was so proud of me!

The pictures: the first is my girl - weighing in at 7 1/8 oz. Then my youngest son - weighing in at 6 7/8 oz. Almost 7 oz. and then the tubbiest of all is the middle child - weighing in at a whopping 7 1/2 oz! Then a pic of me and the girl.


Jennifer said...

You and the kiddos are lookin' great! I saw the announcement on the Fruitful Vine website. Fantastic! Also, I love the video clip.

Keep up the good mothering!

Oh - also, do you have any nausea tips that we humans aren't already aware of?

Heidi said...

Thanks Jennifer. I am a great mother - it comes quite naturally.

As for tips on nausea, for us dogs, we suck it up and just deal with it. You humans! Wink wink!

Jennifer said...

thanks for the sympathy Heidi. :) I was hoping that you weren't going to suggest I eat my own feces or something. You dogs! hahah